I am interested in structures, systems, disorder and coincidences and how these are perceived and conceptualized through association, definitions, connections and causality. I am especially occupied by the contradictory aspect and tendencies of way of thinking and the undefined boundaries between the concepts of order, disorder and chaos in their boundless relation.

The more adaptable to coincidences, the higher becomes the possibilities of evolution, if one has "disorders in the structure" which is capable of maintaining itself in its unstable transparency and stabilizing the chance of coincidence.

A system crash is a build-up of interactions and dependencies, adaptation and energy, which is redistributed between systems. These pattern-systems of nature and culture can be imagined as contractions that create balance and tension by withholding elongation, and also as a spread of scattered disorder in the pursuit of chance.

Clash of system-patterns is a dilution of a concentration. Amputated, covered or blurred meanings and removed contexts of visual information is a technique to show something else, with leftovers of structures or connections. It is a way to stimulate the relation of randomness and necessity, as a concept of the potency of generality and singularity. The "logic" is to show something by hiding something and hide something by showing something.

This technique can be described as a catalyst for something that is "in-between." The pictures are fragmented, but still coherent, the images are not complexly destroyed, but not intact. The holes create showcasing by removal. It may seem impenetrable to know what it is that eludes the overexposed, in the unhidden.


Born 1983

Lives and works in South Zealand, Denmark


2009-2015: Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, MA in Art Theory and Communication


2007-2008: Goldsmiths, University of London, BA, Art Practise, suspended

Group Exhibitions

2016: Kalmar Art museum - Songs For A New Atlas (SE)


2016: Danish Design Museum - Dansk Design Nu (DK)


2010: American Grammy Nomination - "Best Recording Package" for "Eggs" by Oh No Ono (US)